Sarasota chaplaincy Services

We are dedicated to providing the support & resources entrepreneurs need.

Marketplace Champions takes a holistic approach when addressing business challenges, seeking to understand the root cause of the problem so that they can provide customized solutions.


They provide a safe and confidential environment where business owners and decision-makers can receive support and guidance in navigating the complexities of business. With a focus on biblical principles, they offer prayer and spiritual support that honors God and provides a sense of peace and comfort. 

Conflict Resolution

Creating a safe environment where both parties can give their unique perspective encourages open communication. Finding root causes gives practical solutions.


By following your vision you’ll meet the juncture where you desire to go. Figure out the rest of the way and work with someone who’s already been there.

Prayer and spiritual support

Through confidential spiritual counseling, Marketplace Champions is dedicated to providing the support and resources entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Principals to better your environment

Empowering Entrepreneurs

The power of a partnership with Marketplace Champions begins with our services.

Confidential Consulting

Meeting with decision-makers to sort out disparities.

Conflict Resolution

Quickly & seriously. Inside, or outside the office.

Specific Solutions

Detailed timelines to execute these goals.

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